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  • OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp


    Serious light for Serious Musicians

    If you read music on a music stand, the OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp is a must have. The super bright 10 LED lamp features a 3-way power button located on the base to control high/low/off without accidentally changing the lights’ position. Textured rubber pads provide a non-slip clamp on your music stand, and a flexible gooseneck allows you to aim the light where you need it. It comes with an extra-long 6-foot cord and an AC power adapter. It can also run on 3 AA batteries (not included). With the included carrying bag, you have a superior, portable music stand lamp which will light 3 pages of music.

    Purchase an OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp today for only $29.95 – plus shipping.

  • Oasis® OH-31 HT Tracker for iPhone


    Bluetooth Humidity/Temperature sensor with free iPhone app.

    No need to open your instrument case to see the humidity/temperature readings. You can view the information on your iPhone. Android version will be available at a later date.

    Free App download available from iTunes stores.
    Search for: HT Tracker

    Once you have downloaded the App, place the sensor on the iPhone screen and press the + sign on the upper right corner of the screen to sync with the App.
    Set humidity/temperature limits and your smartphone will alert you if the readings are too high or low. The App can read up to 7 sensors and has a transmission range of over 100 feet.

    The App keeps track of your long-term humidity and temperature data by day, week, month and year. The data can be downloaded to your computer.

    Sensor comes with clip, so you can attach it to your instrument case.
    You will be notified of App updates automatically.

    Download PDF flyer about the OH-31 HT Tracker

    Purchase Today for $49.95 with FREE shipping

  • Oasis® HH Combo OH-30 humidifier/hygrometer


    Our HH Combo for Guitars:
    • Offers single unit humidifier/hygrometer combination
    • Includes adjustable humidification settings
    • Allows for user re-calibration of hygrometer
    • Maintains humidity for 15 days or more before needing to be recharged
    • Has a drip resistant polyvinyl acetate sponge which holds 10x its weight in water

    OH-30 Instructions

    U.S. Patent No. 10,121,460

    The Oasis HH Combo is the only humidifier/hygrometer designed to fit in the soundhole of a steel string acoustic guitar. When using a humidifier to boost the humidity inside a musical instrument it is important to monitor humidity levels. Otherwise, maintaining correct humidity is just guesswork. The HH Combo has two parts. Above the strings, the upper portion of the unit contains a clearly visible and accurate hygrometer, which can be calibrated by the user if necessary. The humidifier clips securely into the bottom of the hygrometer. Suspended by the strings, the humidifier releases moisture evenly and slowly inside the guitar yet never touches the instrument body. A specialized, drip resistant, sponge holds 10 times its dry weight in water, which allows for a longer periods between refills. There are four openings on each side of the humidifier for the water vapor to escape. This is sufficient for most dry areas. In dryer climates like Arizona, there are 4 additional openings which can be punched out to provide more humidity. The sponge is easily recharged by moistening the sponge with distilled water. Using the HH Combo during dry months will protect your instrument safe from cracks and warping.

    $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING.

    Replacement sponges are $7.95 plus shipping.

  • Replacement-sponge-OH30

    Replacement Sponge for OH-30


    Order your replacement sponge for the Oasis® HH Combo OH-30 humidifier/hygrometer.

    $7.95 plus shipping.

  • GX-1123HC GPX™ Claro™ Treble Set

  • GX-1100HC GPX™ Claro™ Full Set

  • GPX™ Claro™ Strings


    If you are looking for a little less 1st string brightness and a bit more warmth, we are introducing a new set of GPX™ classical guitar strings called the Claro™. We have replaced our current 1st string with a new Claro™ first string which is warm, rich and powerful. All other strings in the GPX™ sets remain the same. While the sonic blend is now sweetened, the new treble set remains nicely balance.
    GPX™ Claro™ are available in treble sets and full sets (high tension).

  • UKE-4th/G Bright Fluorocarbon

  • UKE-4th/G Warm Fluorocarbon

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    GX-1100 normal tension trebles normal tension bass

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    GX-1000N High tension trebles normal tension bass

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    GX-1000M High tension trebles medium high tension bass