Humidification of Wooden Instruments

Your fine wooden guitars, ukuleles, and other stringed instruments are made from a variety of natural woods that shrink and swell in reaction to heat and humidity.  Guitars are generally made from aged wood that is stable at 40-45% humidity at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the humidity drops below that level in cold or dry conditions, your instrument can experience negative effects over time, including warping of the top, bridge, or neck and, in some situations cracking of the wood.  Any damage to your instrument is heartbreaking and expensive to repair.

Oasis Humidifiers, manufactured in the USA, are designed to offset the natural loss of humidity that takes place when the humidity is below 40%.  Oasis manufactures two levels of humidifiers: regular and plus+.  The regular humidifiers are designed to supply extra humidity when the room humidity is between 25-40%.  The plus+ humidifiers are used to supplement humidity in areas where the humidity falls below 25%.

Oasis Humidifiers have been tested in an environmental chamber which controls the humidity and temperature outside of a guitar housed in a case.  Humidity monitors can be changed based on our testing goals.  Our extensive research has shown that when the humidity is in the range of 25-40%, in instrument/case loses about 1.25cc’s of moisture every day.  When the humidity is below 25% in the testing situation, the instrument/case will lose around 2cc’s of moisture per day.   To address this loss, we designed our regular humidifiers the OH-1, OH-6, and OH-18 to emit approximately 1.25cc’s per day and our plus+ models OH-5, OH-14, and OH-32 emit 2 cc’s of moisture per day. All models effectively prevent moisture loss due to low humidity in all wooden instruments.

Once you are using an Oasis Humidifier, it is critical to know when it needs to be refilled.  Oasis humidifiers make that part of the process very easy.  The humidifier shrinks up as the water evaporates so you can immediately see when it needs to be refilled. No other humidifier has this feature.

Cost savings and reliability are important features of Oasis Humidifiers.  Once you purchase an Oasis Humidifier, you have no additional costs beyond replacing the Humigel crystals once a year and using distilled water.  Additionally, each humidifier is hand tested before packaging to make sure there are no leaks.   We warranty our humidifiers for two years of use, but many users get many more years of service from our humidifiers.  No other humidification system is as cost-effective, easy to use, and reliable as the Oasis Humidifier.