About Oasis®

Dave HeppelHand-crafted in America, Oasis® humidifiers are the best solution to the challenge of humidifying fine instruments. Whether you play a bowed string instrument, a flat top steel string guitar, or a nylon string classical guitar, you’ve made a significant investment. An effective, easy-to-use humidifier is necessary for your instrument in dry weather and is far less expensive than costly repairs caused by dry weather damage.

I’ve played either a nylon stringed classical or flat top steel stringed guitar since the age of 13. During 14 years as an active volunteer with the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society, I served as President from 1999 to 2003 and booked the organization’s concert series for eight years. As a result, I met many outstanding guitarists and learned a great deal about high quality instruments and the problem of cracking due to low humidity. I acquired a number of the “soundhole” style humidifiers used by many guitarists but found them problematic to use. It is hard to know when to refill them. Some of them leak. Some use hard materials which could damage an instrument if dropped. Their shortcomings were my inspiration for developing the original Oasis® OH-1 Guitar Humidifier.

Oasis® humidifiers are a hollow multi-layer tube that holds more water than traditional absorbent-based humidifiers, which use a kitchen sponge material, floral foam, or clay. The Humigel crystals we use in the tube suspend water in a gel that prevents damaging leaks but still allows for an effective, consistent supply of moisture for your instrument. Oasis® humidifiers work because of a thin membrane that lines the inside of the humidifier. The blue or khaki fabric is outside, and a liner is on the inside. These liners work on a similar principle as the waterproof breathable material known as Gore-Tex®. We actually have several liners which are specifically designed for use in Oasis® humidifiers. They allow water vapor, but not liquid water, to escape through the fabric. Our blue humidifiers emit water vapor at a slower rate than our khaki humidifiers. Blue humidifiers are designed to provide approximately 50% relative humidity (RH) inside the case when the air outside the case has RH of 25-40%. Khaki humidifiers provide 50% more water vapor output than the blue, in order to keep the humidity in the case at 50% RH when the RH outside the guitar case is below 25%.

You’ll find that Oasis® humidifiers differ from other brands in these important ways:

  • They provide the correct humidity for a reasonable period of time between refills (usually 7-10 days)
  • It’s easy to tell when they need to be refilled since they gradually shrink as the water evaporates. There is no guessing as you get with clay packs or sponge devices
  • No problem with over-filling and dripping in your instrument with the Oasis humidifier, like other humidifiers that use a sponge, floral foam, or clay to hold water
  • They are very inexpensive to use, only requiring distilled water and annual Humigel™ crystal replacements.
  • There are no expensive saturated salt pouches to replace every few months
  • They are made with soft materials to minimize the risk of scratching the strings or denting your instrument in case it’s dropped accidentally
  • Installation is quick and simple

Give Oasis® a try. You’ll see how well they work! Thanks for your interest.

Dave Hepple, President of Oasis®, Inc.