Frequently Asked Questions
About Oasis® Humidifiers

When should I use the Oasis® Humidifier?

The Oasis® Humidifier should be used whenever your guitar is in an area where the relative humidity is less than 50%. Keep in mind that you want to measure the humidity indoors where your guitar will be. The humidity outdoors, as reported in the news media, can be much different than indoors where your guitar is. In some temperate climates it is necessary to humidify guitars during the indoor heating season, late fall through early spring, when the relative humidity can be 20% or less indoors. In desert areas the humidifier may need to be used throughout the year. If you are uncertain what the relative humidity is where your guitar is kept, use the Oasis® Digital Hygrometer, available on our website.

Should I keep using my Oasis® Humidifier throughout the year even though summers are humid where I live?

If the humidity remains high, it is suggested that you remove the humidifier from the case so over-humidification will not contribute to a possible mold problem. If you do discontinue use of the Oasis® Humidifier during a period of high humidity, remove the crystals from the humidifier until the next humidification season. Leave the cap off or screwed on loosely to keep the humidifier from shrinking. Begin use of the humidifier again when the relative humidity falls below 40%.

Does the Oasis® Humidifier work if my guitar is on a stand?

The humidifier is designed to be used with the instrument in the case. It can humidify the space in a closed case, however it cannot humidify an entire room.

Can I store my guitar in any position when using a soundhole humidifier?


What is the life expectancy of the Oasis® Humidifier?

We warranty the humidifiers for 2 years of use. They may last longer but do wear out over time.

Are the Humigel™ crystals important?

They protect your instrument from water damage if the humidifier leaks. The crystals turn to gel which eliminates free water inside the humidifier. If a leak does occur, you will see a damp spot on the humidifier rather than a pool of water in your instrument. The humidifier will work without Humigel crystals, but the free water inside the humidifier will become a pool of water in your instrument should a leak occur.

Do I have to use distilled water?

Tap water has minerals which will collect on the liner of the humidifier. We recommend that you only use distilled water.

Can the Oasis® Humidifier leak?

Yes. Most do not for the first two years. At some point in time, the liner wears out from the continuous expansion and contraction.

What does it mean if the humidifier is wet to the touch?

It means that it is leaking and should be replaced.

Should I replace the crystals?

Yes, replace the crystals once a year. If you are located in an area where there is seasonal use of the humidifier, wash the crystals out in the spring and replace them in the fall at the beginning of the humidification season. The crystals protect your instrument from damage from a leak. Replacement crystals are available with the Humigel™ Replacement Kit, available on our website at: .

The humidifier is not shrinking. Why is this happening?

Most of the time non-shrinking is caused by Humigel™ crystals in the neck or threads of the cap. The stuck crystals allow air to enter the humidifier which keeps it from shrinking.

My guitar body is not deep enough for my Oasis® Humidifier. What do you recommend?

Get a mandolin humidifier. It is about an inch shorter and use it with a regular guitar humidifier stabilizer bar.