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  • OH-22+ Grip-Strip


    Like the original Grip-Strip, the Oasis® OH-22+ Grip-Strip is formulated from high-quality, textured, neoprene rubber. Precisely designed with slip resistant anti-skid ridges, it creates a secure grip for your guitar whenever it’s resting on your leg. You don’t have to worry about your guitar slipping and sliding around while you’re playing anymore. Grip-Strip works with both steel string and classical guitars, and it won’t harm the French polish finish on classical guitars. Not recommended for use with instruments with new finishes.

    The OH-22+ is much larger than the original and measures 6” x 12” vs. 4” x 8”. This gives the user much more positioning flexibility.

    $14.95 plus shipping.

  • OH-12 Guitar Armor™


    Classical guitars have delicate finishes, which are easily damaged by fingernails. Guitar Armor™ protects the finish on your guitar without requiring any adhesive because it’s made from static cling vinyl. Apply Guitar Armor™ before playing your instrument and remove after practicing. You can reuse it over and over again.
    When applying Guitar Armor, leave a slight edge overhanging the soundhole so it can be removed without having to insert a fingernail under the the static cling vinyl to pull it off. Not recommended for instruments with new finishes.

    Purchase Oasis® OH-12 Guitar Armor today. Only $9.95 plus freight.

  • Oasis® OH-15 Guitar Guard


    Oasis® OH-15 Guitar Guard is a soundboard protection alternative to Oasis® OH-12 Guitar Armor™.

    Made in Japan from laminated transparent polymer film, it is adhesive free and stays on the guitar top with air pressure rather than static cling. Guitar Guard has a significantly harder finish than Guitar Armor™. While stronger than Guitar Armor™, Guitar Guard is not resistant to strong flamenco tapping.

    Each package contains two 100mm x 210mm films, which can be easily shaped with scissors to fit your individual guitar. Be certain to remove Guitar Guard after each use and avoid high temperatures.

    Oasis® OH-15 Guitar Guard – $24.95
    Purchase now and get a FREE microfiber polishing cloth!

  • Oasis® OH-7 Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth


    Your instrument deserves the softness and strength of the Oasis® OH-7 Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth. It cares for your instrument like no other. These ultra-thin, ultra-soft fibers measure only 1/20th the diameter of silk and are the absolute best for cleaning fine musical instruments. The microfiber suede of our polishing cloth is a 75% polyester and 25% polyamide blend. It attracts dirt like a magnet and eliminates the need for oily polishes and the residues they leave behind. This 12 x 12 inch soft polishing cloth is extremely durable and can be washed repeatedly.

    Purchase an Oasis® OH-7 Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth today for only $8.95.

  • OH-19 Nail Shaper For Guitarists


    For classical guitarists, or guitarists who play fingerstyle with nails, the Oasis® Nail Shaper for Guitarists is a must-have tool. Four shaping surfaces, from coarse to super smooth (320, 600, 1200, 3000 grits), rest on foam pads mounted on a curved hard plastic base, allowing you excellent control to shape your nails just the way you want. This is much more effective than plain foam shapers. I have never used a shaper that has done a better job!

    Purchase an Oasis® OH-19 Nail Shaper for Guitarists today for only $4.95

    Flat rate shipping whether you buy one or multiple. Buy a spare or gift a friend!

  • OH-19C Nail File Combo


    I have been using the OH-19 nail shaper since we introduced it a few years ago. I really love it! The problem I had was when my nails grew too long. The 320 grit just took too long to reduce the length of the nail. The solution was to add a coarse nail shaper. The OH-19C contains the regular OH-19 (320/600/1200/3000 grit) plus a second coarse nail shaper (100/180/240/400 grit). Problem solved!

    Purchase an Oasis® OH-19C Nail File Combo for Guitarists today for only $8.95

    Flat rate shipping whether you buy one or multiple. Buy a spare or gift a friend!

  • Oasis ® T-Shirts


    We have received a number of emails from customers looking for Oasis® T-Shirts, so I thought it might be fun to see if a graphic designer could come up with something funky and fun to wear. The shirts are high quality Gildan Ultra Cotton and come in sizes small, medium, large, XL and XXL.

    Small thru XL were $15. Now Just $10!

    Plus $3.95 Shipping.
    (XXL available for $17)