Sound Hole Cover Kit

Sound Hole Cover Kit



Many guitarists like to leave their guitars out on stands. When the humidity drops, the Oasis OH-1 or OH-5 cannot provide sufficient humidity for your instrument. The OH-1 and OH-5 are designed to be used when your guitar is in its case. The Sound Hole cover solves this problem.

The Oasis Sound Hole cover includes both the cover and an elastic cord that connects to both the humidifier and the plastic cover. One end of the elastic cord has a loop that is placed over the neck of the humidifier with the humidifier cap removed. Once secured around the neck of the humidifier, you replace the cap. The other end of the cord is pushed through the bottom of the plastic cover from the underside. A knot is tied on the top side of the cover to keep the cord from falling out. Once you push the humidifier though the side of the sound hole, you slide the cover over the sound hole to trap humidity inside the guitar. The clear sound hole cover allows you to see when the humidifier is ready for refilling.

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