Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar Sleeve

Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar Sleeve


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Product overview

Our guitar player- designed padded, tapered sleeve protects delicate forearm nerves and your guitar’s finish

  • Cushioned pad protects nerves from guitar edge
  • High-quality dense nylon and elastene fabric blend protects guitar finish from perspiration and oil
  • Tapered fit conforms to arm contour and stays out of the way
  • Comfortable easy stretch fabric is like a second skin
  • Smooth silky finish facilitates easy arm movement without drag
  • Reinforced stitching lasts

Long hours of practice can leave a “dent” on the underside of the forearm of your picking hand where it meets the edge of the guitar. Ouch! The Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar sleeve cushions your arm and distributes pressure that can lead to compression of nerves and structures. This sleek black sleeve looks a whole lot better than an old sock and it feels better too!

The Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar Sleeve is available in three sizes to fit any player: small, medium and large. To determine which size to order:

Measure the circumference (the distance around) of the widest part of your forearm.

  • Small: 8-10”
  • Medium: 10-12”
  • Large: 12+

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