Inspiro™ Normal Tension Classical Guitar Bass Strings

Inspiro™ Normal Tension Classical Guitar Bass Strings



Product overview


Strings for Classical Guitar
Uniquely Superior

Most bass strings for the classical guitar use multifilament nylon for their core material. Oasis® thought that wasn’t good enough, so we went to work and created Inspiro™ Classical Guitar Bass Strings.

Inspiro™ basses are crafted with a unique non-nylon, proprietary multifilament core (similar to D’Addario’s Dynacore), and are expertly wrapped with a silverplated copper wire. As a result, Inspiro™ bass strings sound extremely clear, have powerful projection, exhibit great sustain, and they stabilize quickly to the desired pitch with minimum stretching. Inspiro™ basses are also highly durable, and will last longer than nylon core bass strings.

We at Oasis® are sure that Inspiro™ bass strings will inspire your guitar playing and enhance the enjoyment of your instrument.

Inspiro™ basses are available in both normal and high tensions matched with either GPX™ normal or high tension.