Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Oasis HT Tracker app?

  • iPhone users can download the app from Apple App Store – HT Tracker

Setup – How to configure your sensor with the Oasis HT Tracker app?

  • Click on (+) add sensor button at top right corner of the app.
  • Hold your sensor near your mobile screen.
  • Once the Oasis HT Tracker app connects with your sensor you can fill out your instruments details including humidity alerts, instrument value, model, serial number and a personalized picture.

My sensor is not connecting. What should I do?

Use these easy tips to reconnect your sensor:

  • Close and refresh the app
    • iPhone users can double tap on the Home button & swipe up to remove the Oasis HT Tracker to refresh.
    • Android users can single tap on the Recent button & remove the Oasis HT Tracker to refresh.
  • Turn Bluetooth off, wait a few seconds and turn Bluetooth back on.
  • Retry the Setup process.

If you are still having issues, please contact us at for more assistance.


Does the Oasis HT Tracker sensor connect via Wi-Fi and push alerts to my phone when I’m away, or do I have to be near the sensor and connected via Bluetooth?

  • At the moment, the Oasis HT Tracker only connects directly to your phone via Bluetooth when you are in range (about 100 feet).

Sensor Storage

How much data (time) can the Oasis HT Tracker sensor unit store? I'd like to intermittently monitor my instrument(s) while not near my home.

  • If your phone is not in contact with the sensor, the sensor will hold around 20 days of data. When your phone is back in contact with the sensor, the data is pushed to the app. All long term storage is maintained on the “Cloud”.

Details, Export Data and Settings

  • Click on the Details, Export Data and Settings drop-down menu.


  • Details will allow you to give your instrument a name, value, personalized picture, serial number and more.

Export Data

  • Export Data will allow you to email a detailed .csv (plain text spreadsheet) of the stored Humidity, Date and Temperature data.


  • Settings will allow you to set alerts and calibrate humidity.

Setting Alerts

  • Tap the box (Humidity or Temperature) saying “alert me”.
  • By sliding the bar, you can change the temperature or humidity levels where you want to be alerted


  • There is no need to calibrate the temperature sensor as it is accurate to +/- .5%. The humidity sensor is accurate to +/- 5%. The best way to calibrate the sensor us to use the Boveda One-Step calibration kit. Tear open the top of the calibration bag and insert the sensor. Leave the sensor in the bag overnight. At that point the sensor should be saying the RH is 75%. If the sensor is not reading 75%, you can adjust the humidity reading either up or down to 75%. Then click reset.

Changing temperature measurement

  • The temperature measurement can be in degrees °C or °F.
  • Using the sensors page,tap on the 3 parallel lines in the upper left hand corner
  • This will take you to a page showing temperature units
  • Tap on the green button and the reading will change from °C to °F or °F to °C
  • To return to the previous page, tap the 3 parallel lines

Can I have multiple Oasis HT Tracker sensors?

  • Yes, you can have up to 7 Oasis HT Tracker sensors running on the Oasis HT Tracker app.

How long will the battery last?

  • Typical battery life is 1 year, more in warm conditions and less in extreme cold.

Is the battery replaceable?

  • Yes.
  • To open housing, use a very thin flat head screwdriver or a razor blade to pop the panel off the front of the sensor. Remove the sensor from inside the housing. The battery is on the backside of the unit. Using a flat edge, push the battery out of its holder and replace with a CR2477 battery.

In the event that you can not connect with your sensor contact us at