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  • UKE-8200BL “Southcoast” Linear Baritone DBL Set

  • Inspiro™/GPX Classical Guitar Strings Full Set – High Tension IS-9100


    Bass Strings for Classical Guitar
    Uniquely Superior
    Most bass strings for the classical guitar use multifilament nylon for their core material. Oasis® thought that wasn’t good enough, so we went to work and created Inspiro™ Classical Guitar Bass Strings.
    Inspiro™ basses are crafted with a unique non-nylon, proprietary multifilament core (similar to D’Addario’s Dynacore), and are expertly wrapped with a silver-plated copper wire. As a result, Inspiro™ bass strings sound extremely clear, have powerful projection, exhibit great sustain, and they stabilize quickly to the desired pitch with minimum stretching. Inspiro™ basses are also highly durable and will last longer than nylon core bass strings. We at Oasis® are sure that Inspiro™ bass strings will inspire your guitar playing and enhance the enjoyment of your instrument.

    Inspiro™ 9100 combine Inspiro high tension basses with high tension GPX carbon treble

  • OH-2+ Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer


    The OH-2+ is the latest version in the OH-2 hygrometer product line. It has a new digital sensor that im-proves the accuracy of the hygrometer to +/- 3% between 20% – 80% RH. The hygrometer also has an ex-tended reading range down to 10% RH rather the 20% RH on the previous two models. This eliminates the annoying “LL” sign one the display when the humidity drops below 20% RH. The increased range will help those users in extremely dry areas to get a more accurate reading of their humidity.

    The humidifier has the same size and look as previous versions. The calibration feature is also included, but shouldn’t be necessary with the improved accuracy. If calibration is desired, you first need to get a Boveda one-step calibration kit. They come in 32 and 72% calibration levels. Place the OH-2+ in the pouch and let the hygrometer wait overnight in the bag. The humidity in the bag will be either 32 or 72%. If your hygrometer reads differently, figure out the % difference. The hygrometer can be adjusted up or down by 6%. Push the upper set button and hold for 5 seconds until is starts blinking. Push the min/max button repeatedly. The % change will start at 0 and move up to 6. If you keep pushing, the next number will be -6% and it will go down to 0 by continuing to push the min/max button. Whatever you calculated was the percentage difference between -6 and +6% is shown on the screen. Press the set button and the display returns to normal but is adjusted for the difference you entered in the processor.

    Don’t forget the OH-20 hygrometer holder that allows you to place the hygrometer near the sound hole for accurate RH readings.


    • Measures temperature in degrees C or F with the range of 32-125 degrees F
    • Min-Max memory for both humidity and temperature
    • For indoor use only. Uses a CR2032 battery
    • Accuracy +/- 3% between 20-80%.
    • User Manual (Download here)

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  • Clips


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  • OH-26 Clip


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  • Stabilizers


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  • Guitar Stabilizer


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  • Ukulele Stabilizer


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  • OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp


    Serious light for Serious Musicians

    Identical to the On Stage LED510

    If you read music on a music stand, the OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp is a must have. The super bright 10 LED lamp features a 3-way power button located on the base to control high/low/off without accidentally changing the lights’ position. Textured rubber pads provide a non-slip clamp on your music stand, and a flexible gooseneck allows you to aim the light where you need it. It comes with an extra-long 6-foot cord and an AC power adapter. It can also run on 3 AA batteries (not included). With the included carrying bag, you have a superior, portable music stand lamp which will light 3 pages of music.

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  • Guitar Supports

    OH-29 Small Guitar Support

  • Guitar Supports

    OH-28 Large Guitar Support

  • Placeholder

    Sostenuto High Tension

  • Placeholder

    Sostenuto Medium Tension

  • Sostenuto Normal Tension

  • OH-2/6/14 Clip


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  • Oasis®OH-4+ Humigel™ Bulk Refill Kit


    We have heard from a good number of our humidifier users about not wanting the syringe, spoon or instructions. They own a lot of our humidifiers and just want the bulk crystals. OK, we hear you!

    The OH-4+ has no spoon, instructions or syringe, just sufficient crystals for 20 refills.