Digital Hygrometer

  • OH-2+ Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer


    The OH-2+ is the latest version in the OH-2 hygrometer product line. It has a new digital sensor that im-proves the accuracy of the hygrometer to +/- 3% between 20% – 80% RH. The hygrometer also has an ex-tended reading range down to 10% RH rather the 20% RH on the previous two models. This eliminates the annoying “LL” sign one the display when the humidity drops below 20% RH. The increased range will help those users in extremely dry areas to get a more accurate reading of their humidity.

    The humidifier has the same size and look as previous versions. The calibration feature is also included, but shouldn’t be necessary with the improved accuracy. If calibration is desired, you first need to get a Boveda one-step calibration kit. They come in 32 and 72% calibration levels. Place the OH-2+ in the pouch and let the hygrometer wait overnight in the bag. The humidity in the bag will be either 32 or 72%. If your hygrometer reads differently, figure out the % difference. The hygrometer can be adjusted up or down by 6%. Push the upper set button and hold for 5 seconds until is starts blinking. Push the min/max button repeatedly. The % change will start at 0 and move up to 6. If you keep pushing, the next number will be -6% and it will go down to 0 by continuing to push the min/max button. Whatever you calculated was the percentage difference between -6 and +6% is shown on the screen. Press the set button and the display returns to normal but is adjusted for the difference you entered in the processor.

    Don’t forget the OH-20 hygrometer holder that allows you to place the hygrometer near the sound hole for accurate RH readings.


    • Measures temperature in degrees C or F with the range of 32-125 degrees F
    • Min-Max memory for both humidity and temperature
    • For indoor use only. Uses a CR2032 battery
    • Accuracy +/- 3% between 20-80%.
    • User Manual (Download here)

    $29.95 plus shipping

Hygrometer Holder

  • Oasis® OH-20 Guitar Hygrometer Holder


    We created the Oasis® OH-20 Hygrometer Holder to enable you to measure the humidity at the body of your guitar without risk of scratching the soundboard. The soundboard and body of the guitar are where cracking from dryness is most likely to occur. The Oasis® Guitar Hygrometer Holder allows you to place the hygrometer by the sound hole of your guitar near the humidifier when the guitar is in the case.

    How does it work? Made from a soft loop Velcro type of material, it wraps around the first string and provides a flat surface where the hygrometer can be attached. An adhesive backed piece of hooked Velcro type material is attached to the back of the hygrometer.

    Oasis® OH-20 Guitar Hygrometer Holder $10.95.

Music Stand Light

  • OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp


    Serious light for Serious Musicians

    Identical to the On Stage LED510

    If you read music on a music stand, the OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp is a must have. The super bright 10 LED lamp features a 3-way power button located on the base to control high/low/off without accidentally changing the lights’ position. Textured rubber pads provide a non-slip clamp on your music stand, and a flexible gooseneck allows you to aim the light where you need it. It comes with an extra-long 6-foot cord and an AC power adapter. It can also run on 3 AA batteries (not included). With the included carrying bag, you have a superior, portable music stand lamp which will light 3 pages of music.

    Purchase an OHL-1 Music Stand Lamp today for only $29.95 – plus shipping.

Sound Hole Cover Kit

Guitar Supports

  • OH-28 & OH-29 Guitar Supports


    The OH-28 (large) & OH-29 (small) guitar supports are designed to replace the traditional footstool, allowing guitarists to sit more comfortably and in proper balance, while playing. The supports assist players in maintaining good posture while seated, reducing the muscle stress and fatigue and allowing more freedom of movement.

    The OH-28 & OH-29 rest on your thigh rather than attach to your guitar, so there is no way for the supports to damage the finish of your guitar.

    Choosing the correct support cushion
    The large support raises the height of the guitar by approximately 5.5″. The small support raises the height of the guitar by about 4″. The correct size is determined by your body size and the height of your foot rest. In general, taller people would use the larger rest. Players who keep their foot rest in a lower position would use the smaller support.

    Purchase a Guitar Support today for only $29.95 – plus shipping.

  • OH-25+

    OH-25+ Quadrest™ Guitar Support


    The OH-25+ is a completely redesigned Quadrest™ guitar support. The OH-25+ has three suction cups rather than one, so it maintains an iron grip on your guitar and comes with a velvet carrying bag like the original Quadrest™. We have added a low tack, removeable plastic suction cup protector for extra protection (like the original). It is not recommended that you use this with new finishes. The flexible non-slip Velcro strap that fits on your thigh, is adjustable, so you can raise or lower the height of your guitar.

    Purchase an OH-25+ Quadrest™ Guitar Support today for only $29.95 plus $4.95 freight.

Guitar Sleeves

  • Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar Sleeve


    Our guitar player- designed padded, tapered sleeve protects delicate forearm nerves and your guitar’s finish

    • Cushioned pad protects nerves from guitar edge
    • High-quality dense nylon and elastene fabric blend protects guitar finish from perspiration and oil
    • Tapered fit conforms to arm contour and stays out of the way
    • Comfortable easy stretch fabric is like a second skin
    • Smooth silky finish facilitates easy arm movement without drag
    • Reinforced stitching lasts

    Long hours of practice can leave a “dent” on the underside of the forearm of your picking hand where it meets the edge of the guitar. Ouch! The Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar sleeve cushions your arm and distributes pressure that can lead to compression of nerves and structures. This sleek black sleeve looks a whole lot better than an old sock and it feels better too!

    The Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar Sleeve is available in three sizes to fit any player: small, medium and large. To determine which size to order:

    Measure the circumference (the distance around) of the widest part of your forearm.

    • Small: 8-10”
    • Medium: 10-12”
    • Large: 12+

    Purchase an Oasis® OH-9 Padded Guitar Sleeve today for only $19.95


  • Oasis® OH-8 Guitar Sleeve


    The Oasis® OH-8 Guitar Sleeve is an easy way to protect a valuable instrument and improve comfort. Have you ever noticed when you are playing that your arm sticks to your guitar? This is especially true in warmer weather when perspiration, salt, and skin oils affect the guitar finish. Made of cool, smooth nylon and elastane, the Oasis® Guitar Sleeve comfortably allows your arm to move freely, while protecting your guitar’s finish from skin chemistry and wear due to friction.

    Protect your guitar’s finish and improve your comfort.

    scott_tennant“I’ve always used a cloth or sock on my arm to help protect my guitar’s finish, and now the Oasis® Guitar Sleeve is what I use. It’s made for guitarists, is practical, looks great, and does the job better than anything else ever has.”

    Scott Tennant
    Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

    The Oasis® Guitar Sleeve is available in three sizes to fit any player: small, medium, and large. To determine which size to order: Measure the circumference of (the distance around) the widest part of your forearm.

    • Small: 8-10”
    • Medium: 10-12”
    • Large: 12+

    Purchase an Oasis® OH-8 Guitar Sleeve today for only $9.95.


  • Humigel™ Replacement Kits


    The OH-4 Humigel Replacement Kit is of critical importance for the successful use of our humidifiers. The ONLY reason for the use of the crystals is to reduce the risk of damage to your instrument from potential leaks. Humigel™ crystals are very hygroscopic and hold up to 400 times their weight in water. We add .6 cc’s of crystals prior to packaging. This is such a small quantity that you can barely see them at the bottom of the humidifier. The best way to tell if they are present is to shake the humidifier and hear them rattle around. .6 cc’s is the amount needed to turn the water into jelly. Unlike water, the jelly is semi-solid and will contain the water should the humidifier become damaged. With the crystals present, a damaged humidifier will become damp or have water spots but will not leak into your instrument.

    More than .6 cc’s of Humigel crystals will reduce the ability of the humidifier to function. When there are too many crystals, the water stays suspended in the crystals, and will not evaporate through the fabric of the humidifier, and cannot humidify your instrument. After initially filling your humidifier with distilled water wait 10 minutes. When you look into the humidifier, it should look like clear small curd cottage cheese. If it doesn’t look this way, and you have standing water, you need to get a OH-4 Humigel™ Replacement Kit and replace the crystals. Each kit holds 5-6 refills. As long as you reseal the small zip lock bag inside the kit and leave the desiccant bag in place, the kit will last a long time. Without resealing and the desiccant bag, the crystals cake up with water absorbed from the air.

    Most instruments only need seasonal humidification. Typically, the humidity drops in the fall and rises in the spring. When the spring arrives, we recommend that you remove the humidifier, wash all of the crystals out, and leave the cap loosely on the humidifier. If you do not remove the crystals and loosen the cap, the humidifier will shrink up, dry up and the crystals will stick together. In the fall, it is easy to damage the lining of the humidifier when trying to restore it to shape. The lining is only 1/1000th of an inch thick and can be damaged easily if it sticks to itself and the crystals, when the humidifier shrinks up and dries up if the lid is left on tight.

    Purchase OH-4 Humigel Replacement Kit today.

    We have heard from a good number of our humidifier users about not wanting the syringe, spoon or instructions. They own a lot of our humidifiers and just want the bulk crystals. OK, we hear you! The OH-4+ has no spoon, instructions or syringe, just sufficient crystals for 20 refills.


Grip Strips

  • Grip-Strip™


    The Oasis® OH-22 Grip-Strip™ is formulated from high-quality, textured, neoprene rubber. Precisely designed with slip resistant anti-skid ridges, it creates a secure grip for your guitar whenever it’s resting on your leg. You don’t have to worry about your guitar slipping and sliding around while you’re playing anymore. Grip-Strip™ works with both steel string and classical guitars, and it won’t harm the French polish finish on classical guitars. However, we do not recommend this product for new guitars where the finish has not yet settled in.

    Oasis® OH-22 Grip-Strip™ $10.95 each.


    Like the original Grip-Strip, the Oasis® OH-22+ Grip-Strip is formulated from high-quality, textured, neoprene rubber. Precisely designed with slip resistant anti-skid ridges, it creates a secure grip for your guitar whenever it’s resting on your leg. You don’t have to worry about your guitar slipping and sliding around while you’re playing anymore. Grip-Strip works with both steel string and classical guitars.

    The OH-22+ is much larger than the original and measures 6” x 12” vs. 4” x 8”. This gives the user much more positioning flexibility and control over your guitar.

    $14.95 plus shipping.

Nail Shapers

  • Nail Shapers


    Oasis® has three nail shaper products. The first is the OH-19, OH-19B and OH-19C. The OH-19 is our fine nail shaper with 4 surface areas. the OH-19B is our coarse shaper with 4 surfaces and the OH-19C is a combination product with both nail shapers.


  • Oasis® OH-31 HT Tracker for iPhone


    Bluetooth Humidity/Temperature sensor with free iPhone app.

    No need to open your instrument case to see the humidity/temperature readings. You can view the information on your iPhone.

    Free App download available from iTunes stores.
    Search for: HT Tracker

    Once you have downloaded the App, place the sensor on the iPhone screen and press the + sign on the upper right corner of the screen to sync with the App. Set humidity/temperature limits and your smartphone will alert you if the readings are too high or low. The App can read up to 7 sensors and has a transmission range of over 100 feet. Sensor comes with clip, so you can attach it to your instrument case.
    You will be notified of App updates automatically.

    Purchase Today for $19.95 plus shipping



  • Oasis® OT-2 Tuner


    The The OT-2 is similar to our previous tuner, the OH-17+, but has a new multi-color display. Multi-color LCD displays are the latest advance in tuner technology. It’s easy to use. Just clip it to the headstock of your instrument. The tuner senses the string vibration and displays the note and string number. The LCD display changes colors when each string is in tune.

    Key Features:

    • LCD with simulated high-resolution, needle display
    • Multi-color background: flat (yellow), sharp (red) and in tune (blue).
    • On/off and tuning mode buttons on back of tuner
    • Five mode tuning: guitar, bass, violin, ukulele and chromatic
    • String number indicator in guitar and bass mode
    • 430 to 450 Hz tuning.
    • Fast response time
    • Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes with no signal

    Purchase an Oasis® OT-2 Clip-On Tuner from Oasis® today.
    Only $9.95 plus freight

  • Oasis® OT-6 Under Headstock Clip-on Tuner


    The OT-6 Tuner

    • Guitar or Chromatic Modes
    • Super Small, Reliable, Fast and Very Accurate
    • 3/4” maximum headstock thickness

    Purchase an Oasis® OT-6 Under Headstock Clip-on Tuner from Oasis® today.
Only $11.95 with plus freight




  • Batteries

    OH-16 CR2032 Battery


    The OH-16 CR2032 battery is used to power both the OH-2 Digital Hygrometer and the OT-1, OT-2 and OT-4 Tuners.

    Cost is $4.95 for strip of 5 batteries plus freight.

Guitar Top Protection

  • OH-12 Guitar Armor™


    Classical guitars have delicate finishes, which are easily damaged by fingernails. Guitar Armor™ protects the finish on your guitar without requiring any adhesive because it’s made from static cling vinyl. Apply Guitar Armor™ before playing your instrument and remove after practicing. You can reuse it over and over again.
    When applying Guitar Armor, leave a slight edge overhanging the soundhole so it can be removed without having to insert a fingernail under the the static cling vinyl to pull it off. Not recommended for instruments with new finishes.

    Purchase Oasis® OH-12 Guitar Armor today. Only $9.95 plus freight.

  • Oasis® OH-15 Guitar Guard


    Oasis® OH-15 Guitar Guard is a soundboard protection alternative to Oasis® OH-12 Guitar Armor™.

    Made in Japan from laminated transparent polymer film, it is adhesive free and stays on the guitar top with air pressure rather than static cling. Guitar Guard has a significantly harder finish than Guitar Armor™. While stronger than Guitar Armor™, Guitar Guard is not resistant to strong flamenco tapping.

    Each package contains two 100mm x 210mm films, which can be easily shaped with scissors to fit your individual guitar. Be certain to remove Guitar Guard after each use and avoid high temperatures.

    Oasis® OH-15 Guitar Guard – $24.95
    Purchase now and get a FREE microfiber polishing cloth!

Microfiber Polishing Cloth

  • Oasis® OH-7 Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth


    Your instrument deserves the softness and strength of the Oasis® OH-7 Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth. It cares for your instrument like no other. These ultra-thin, ultra-soft fibers measure only 1/20th the diameter of silk and are the absolute best for cleaning fine musical instruments. The microfiber suede of our polishing cloth is a 75% polyester and 25% polyamide blend. It attracts dirt like a magnet and eliminates the need for oily polishes and the residues they leave behind. This 12 x 12 inch soft polishing cloth is extremely durable and can be washed repeatedly.

    Purchase an Oasis® OH-7 Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth today for only $8.95.