Oasis guitar humidifiers and case humidifiers are the best leakproof humidification solution for guitars, violins, violas, bases, mandolins and other wooden musical instruments.

Oasis® Classical Guitar Strings

GPX Normal Tension Carbon Treble Strings Titanium Nylon Treble Strings
GPX+™ Classical Guitar Stings Titanium™ Nylon Strings

A new high endurance 1st string was introduced to the GPX+ sets in May 2014. This long-life string withstands even the most punishing playing styles, and still maintains the beautiful tone and sustain that have made GPX+ strings so popular. Now easier on the left hand, GPX+ strings have the same tension as nylon, thanks to the PVDF fluorocarbon material which is 80% denser than nylon. The brilliance of these fluorocarbon (carbon treble) strings does not rely on the typical stiff hard action of other carbon trebles. The same concert quality sound is here, with far less effort, in Oasis GPX+ strings.

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These Titanium strings are precisely calibrated treble strings which produce a gorgeous wide color palette that is rarely found in a nylon guitar string.

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Centurion Flex-Core Bass Strings
Regency™ Nylon Strings Sostenuto™ Bass Strings

Regency™ treble strings are made from a new crystal clear nylon co-polymer and are available in three tensions, normal, medium-high and high.

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Sostenuto™ bass strings were developed by Oasis for the discerning classical guitarist who, above all, desires a lyrical and powerful sound, with prolonged sustain. The strings settle in quickly and have improved durability.

Sostenuto™ bass strings are included with GPX™, Titanium™ and Regency™ complete sets.

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