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Oasis Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Oasis® Flex-Core Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Oasis Flex-Core Bass StringsOasis® Flex-Core electric bass guitar strings are the smoothest, most supple bass strings made in the United States. Unlike the majority of bass strings, Oasis® electric bass strings are made using a continuous winding process, allowing the application of multiple wraps without changing machines. These round-wound, medium-light gauge strings are often compared to the smoothness of Thomastik-Infeld strings with a slightly brighter tone. Oasis® brings you these popular strings at a great price. Check out our rave reviews below!

“The New Oasis® Flex-Core bass strings have a feel, depth and breadth of tone that rivals the best of the more expensive European brands. I highly recommend them,” says bass player Pee Wee Watson.

John Billings''I bought my first set at the NAMM show January 2012 and have been playing on that set weekly for 6 months and they still sound almost as crisp and clear as the day I put them on without any breakage. Incredible! I was constantly changing brands of strings trying to find that perfect tone with good playability and longevity. I have finally found the strings I have been looking for. ''
Jeff Brown

Jeff would like to give all the credit for his musical abilities to God and thank God for his great strength. He would also like to thank his beautiful wife,Renee, for her undying love and support. Jeff was born in Riverside, California in 1963. Jeff is a self taught musician who started at the age of 14 and was born into a very musically talented family who surrounded him with music as he was growing up.

He is the type of player that is very critical about his bass tone and likes a real crisp clear sound, rounded with alot of bottom end and punch. That
is exactly what you get with the Oasis FlexCore Roundwound Bass Strings.

Jeff is extemely musically active including his current musical projects: two Christian praise bands, 1 hard rock Christian band, 1 cover-original band and 1 all original band.

He has been and is currently active as a studio bassist in many other projects.


John Billings"The first thing I noticed after getting these bass strings on was the feel under my fingers, how there was no “grab”, just a smooth glide up and down the neck. They feel amazing and sound the same, with a beautiful top and bottom end. I had them on for seven straight shows with very little change in tone and no breakage. I love them!"
John Billings

John Billings was the long-time bassist for the late Donna Summer and past bassist for Rick Springfield and The Wooten Brothers and Friends. He has also worked with Wynonna Judd and toured with Tanya Tucker, Chely Wright, Katrina Elam, and Brady Seals.

Prepare to be amazed!

Sets are available in nickel-steel or stainless steel in both 4-string (45 65 85 105) and 5-string (45 65 85 105 125) sets. Purchase any set of bass strings and get FREE shipping!

  • MSRP for the 4-string set is $36.
  • MSRP for the 5-string set is $45.

4-String Sets:

Purchase a Nickel Steel 4-String Bass Set today for only $23.95.

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Purchase a Stainless Steel 4-String Bass Set today for only $23.95.

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5-String Sets:

Purchase a Nickel Steel 5-String Bass Set today for only $29.95.

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Purchase a Stainless Steel 5-String Bass Set today for only $29.95.

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